license opportunity

A Compelling Opportunity for You to Build a Thriving Business

Cupcake Sushi represents a unique business opportunity. We are looking for self starters who want to build a local business that is uniquely positioned and advantaged. We have all the tools you need to start from scratch with a modest investment in a zip code you choose. Add hard work, and a customer focus, and it is amazing what can happen. 

So How does it Work?

You pick your zip code. In that zip code, you have the exclusive right to sell Cupcake SushiTM that you make using our recipes, packaging, ingredients and protected technology. Our license fees are modest. There is an upfront fee based on the population and affluence of a zip code, and a quarterly license fee based on volume. You also need to buy at least one specially designed prep cart that you will use for events, and can use as your main prep station at other times. The costs are designed on a win-win basis so you have the potential to put money in your pocket every day. 

What If I am not a great cook?

Our process is designed for ordinary people, not chefs. You buy the key components and packaging from us at attractive prices designed to save you time and let you grow your business. You won't be baking, but assembling the products with a foolproof method that we will teach you.

So I can make the product, the What?

As part of the license, you will get the advice you need. Based on our experience in building the Key west market from scratch, we have developed a step-by-step growth plan for you to execute in your territory. From selling from your cart at public events, identifying and securing special food retailers and restaurants, catering to private events and even setting up storefront, it is all part of the building blocks for your business. Here's the key, you have to like people and get the same joy from seeing them taste the product as we do. Trust us, Its infectious. 

So what do I get?

  • Assembly recipes, including hands on training at our facilities in Key West

  • Right to use our Trademarks, packaging and proven product designs in your area

  • Detailed marketing and business building plan. We know what works and what doesn't

  • Know how to plan and execute big events

  • Store insights, where to place products so it moves and makes you and your customers more successful. One twelve inch placement in a Key West retailer is doing more than $400 per week!

  • Access to custom made key components that save you time and assure an outstanding product

  • Access to our third generation Prep Cart, an incredible well designed and built tool that is essential to your business. Easily trailered behind virtually any car, it is a pop up prep station and selling booth produced for us by a top manufacturer. 

  • Free access to camera ready advertising art and matching funds for local advertising we approve. Compliant product labels

  • Access to new products as they are developed.


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We are proud to be preferred vendors for the following places in Key West:



  • Faustos Markets

  • White street

  • Fleming street

  • Eaton Seafood Market

  • Blue Heaven


  • Westin

  • Sunset Key Cottages

  • Pier House

  • Hyatt

  • Marriott Beachside

  • Casa Marina (Waldorf Astoria)

  • The Reach and Spencer's

  • La Concha

  • Old Town Manor


  • Ritz Carlton South Beach, Madison Ave

  • Miami InterContinental

  • Trump Doral