Our Story

— Lori Shubert
Creator & Chef

As a caterer and cake artist from Boston, I found plenty of success in the Northeast. Although traditional cupcakes were my forte, many of my customer wanted me to start baking mini-cupcakes. The idea was intriguing, but knowing how paper dries out cupcakes, I decided against having my name and recipes associated with a lesser quality product. Then I figured, “If I can’t create, why not innovate?”

Seeing how the middle of the cupcake is the most savory part, I experimented with hollowing out normal cupcakes and combining them with my out-of-this-world butter cream frosting. This small size already works for tapas, making them ideal for controlling a sweet tooth. Then the idea struck. Why not take two of the most popular foods, cupakes and sushi, and make them one?

And Cupcake Sushi was born.

I made them and stored them in my freezer, but realizing the thrill one experiences watching as sushi chefs prepare the rolls in front of you was perfect for the product’s appeal. For a consumer seeing such an abstract original concept coming to life would only heighten the anticipation.

With such an exciting venture ahead of me, I wanted to start fresh. I headed to Key West to set my idea, and imagination, free.

Cupcake Sushi is a labor of love, artfully crafted to be incredibly enjoyable. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I do making them.

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